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General Provisions:

1.1. The store "Stroytekhnik", hereinafter referred to as the "Selling Party", concludes remotely a Purchase and Sale Agreement offered through an online store placing a unique Public Offer on its resource referred to as "Internet portal "further.

1.2. The moment of agreement to sign the contract in electronic form for the purchase and sale of the Buyer's commodity units with the Selling Party is the moment of payment for the Buying Order at prices, as well as the terms (indicated on the Selling Party's resource).

2.1. In this offer, if nothing is provided by the context, the given designations describe:

  • "Commodity" - form / equipment / commodity units.
  • "Internet portal" - according to the Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Commerce", is an information tool with which it is possible to sell services / goods / works through an online agreed operation.
  • "Selling" - a company that offers commodity items posted on the company's portal.
  • "Buyer" - an individual who enters into an Agreement with the Selling Party.
  • "Order" - the selection of certain units from the list, which is indicated by the Buyer on the Internet portal with the preparation of the order, and further payment.

Subject of the Agreement

3.1. The selling party transfers the commodity units to the Buyer, and he, in turn, makes the payment.

This Agreement is carried out:

  1. Independent choice of the Buyer in the Internet portal.
  2. Purchase of selected units.
  3. Payment for selected units through registration on the portal.
  4. Registration, sending to the Buyer of the order under the conditions that are stipulated by the Agreement.

The procedure for the transaction of a commodity order

4.1. The buyer purchases the goods that are available in the Internet portal.

4.2. Any position can be specified in the desired quantity.

4.3. If there are no commodity items in the warehouse, the Specialist of the company notifies the Buyer.

4.4. If the offered unit of the commodity item was not in the warehouse, then the Buyer has the right to change his choice to a similar unit or refuse by canceling the order.

Payment procedure for goods

5.1. Cash on delivery. Paid upon receipt of ordered items.

5.2. If payment has not been received, the Selling Party has the full right to cancel the ordered items.

Conditions of order transportation

6.1. The transportation of commodity items that were purchased in the online store is transferred to the delivery service and issued by them after payment for the ordered items.

6.2. According to the Law of Ukraine, the Purchasing Party is provided with transport and other documents for the ordered items.

Rights and obligations of the parties to the Agreement:

7.1. The selling party has the full right to suspend the transaction unilaterally under the Agreement in case of violation of the terms of the Agreement by the Buyer.

7.2. The buying party is obliged to pay for the ordered items in the allotted time and receive them on the terms of the Agreement

7.3. The buying party has the full right to place the ordered items on the company's portal, to draw up an agreement in electronic form, as well as to demand the fulfillment of the terms of the Agreement from the Selling party.

Liability of the Agreement

8.1. The parties to the Agreement are responsible for the breakdown of the transaction, as well as improper execution of the Agreement in order.

8.2. The selling party is not responsible for:

  • changed appearance of the manufacturer's items
  • Inconsistency in the color of commodity items due to incorrect color reproduction of the screen
  • The veracity of the information of the Buyer when placing the ordered items
  • Interruptions or delays in order processing and dispatch of goods for reasons beyond the control of the Selling Party
  • Illegal actions carried out by the Buyer.

8.3. The buying party is solely responsible for the damage caused by his actions to other persons.

8.4. Upon the occurrence of circumstances that do not depend on the parties to the Agreement, they are exempted from the fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement

8.5. The parties are obliged to make every effort to resolve differences through agreement.

Other conditions

9.1. The Internet portal may unilaterally reserve the right to amend the Agreement, which is initially published at

9.2. The Internet portal is an online way of selling items via the Internet.

9.3. The purchasing party is solely responsible for the information provided. When ordering and paying further, the Buyer provides the Selling Party with his consent to the processing / storage / use of personal data, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the protection of personal data".

9.4. Payment for the order by the Buyer on the Internet resource means confirmation of the terms of the Agreement

9.5. The date of signing is the date when the conditions were accepted, in accordance with Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Commerce"

9.6. Use of the Internet resource for the Buyer as a preliminary acquaintance, as well as registration of ordered items - free of charge

9.7. The information provided by the Buyer is confidential. The Internet resource uses it for the processing of ordered items, sending notifications to the Buyer, delivery, mutual settlements, etc.

Procedure for the return of substandard commodity items

10.1. Return of trade items is made in accordance with the memory and at the expense of the Buyer.

10.2. The return of goods to the Buyer is carried out of proper quality, and the Internet resource returns the amount upon the return of the order with compensation for transportation costs to the Buyer.

Requisites: settlement account UA263515330000026008052136783 in AT KB "PRIVATBANK"

Terms of contractual terms

11.1. The Electronic Agreement is considered concluded from the moment of the response of the confirmation of the offer in the manner determined by Part 6 of Art. 11 ZU "On electronic commerce".

11.2. Before the expiration of the validity period, this Agreement can be terminated by mutual agreement before sending the commodity units by way of a refund. The parties can terminate the agreement unilaterally in case of non-fulfillment of the Agreement, as well as according to the legislation of Ukraine.

Pay attention!

The Internet store "Stroytekhnik",, has the full right, according to the Law of Ukraine, to provide the right to use the online platform to individuals-entrepreneurs and legal entities for the sale of their goods.