Hammer crusher for grain

Livestock and agriculture are closely related to each other. Both are directly related to products of crop production. At the same time, when raising animals, crops are used exclusively as a forage base. Often you can find the use of grain. To make it, you need to hammer grain crushers.

Hammer crusher for grain, what it is used for

The fodder base is most important for the organization of adequate nutrition for animals. It must contain everything necessary trace elements and vitamins for the full development of livestock. In this case, food should be carried out in such a way that so that the animal quickly assimilates food and receives a full set of components.

By itself, the grain has a dense shell of fiber, which is difficult for gastric juice to digest. So that her to destroy, a hammer grain crusher is needed.

It can handle crops such as wheat, barley, oats, corn, soybeans and more. Thanks to the possibility of making such a variety in feed, animals receive more nutrients, as well as compliance balance of trace elements.

During the operation of this equipment, a number of positive properties can be obtained:

  • the ability to produce feed directly on farms;
  • when grinding, you can feed animals of any size;
  • use of grain for poultry farms;
  • the highest level of assimilation of the product;
  • automation of the feed preparation process.

All these factors play a key role in the livestock sector and the production of forage resources. In combination with this device can be used Equipment for the production of granulated feed.

How the machine works

Hammer crusher for grain in Odessa and other cities of Ukraine is popular due to its simple principle of operation and improving the quality of nutritional mixtures. This device has its own principle of operation, which is identical for all models.

  1. Loading. Whole grain is loaded into a special receiver in a certain amount.
  2. Passage. From the loading container, it passes further along the device and enters the chamber for production work.
  3. Splitting up. This chamber is a drum that houses the rotating hammers. They hit the grain, thereby splitting it into components. This action is achieved through high speed.
  4. Output. After processing, the product is discharged into a container or onto a conveyor belt for packaging.

All these stages ensure the creation of a feed of the required quality, which will be completely processed by the animals. If you are interested in a grain hammer crusher, the price of this product may vary depending on the model therefore check it in the catalog of our products of the online store "Budprom". Additionally, we offer to purchase granulators compound feed, price which is also present next to the position. If necessary, you can arrange delivery order to any city in the country using a courier service.

Hammer crusher for grain DKU-600 (20S) with 3 kW engine for 220V

Hammer crusher for grain DKU-600 (20S) with 3 kW engine for 220V

Dimensions:assembled - 900x500x1050 mm:in packing (gross): - 470х530х850 mm;
Are available
Working part for crusher DB-2

Working part for crusher DB-2

Are available
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