Detergent for molds

Detergent for molds

After several pouring cycles, the molds should be thoroughly cleaned. And it is then that the question arises about the quality of the detergent for forms and the effectiveness of its work against the remains of concrete and pigments.

Regardless of what material - plastic, silicone, laminated or fiberglass - you use in the molds, a good product should cope with cleaning any contamination in five minutes.

Features of Detergents for Forms

Modern detergents are made on the basis of concentrated acids with the addition of stabilizing components and inorganic salts. They can contain up to 15% hydrochloric acid or up to 13% sulfuric acid, which ensures active interaction of the solution with concrete and paint residues on the texture of the mold.

Working with the products is possible at temperatures from 3 to 40 ° C, while wearing protective clothing and a mask. In the process of cleaning, the mold is immersed in a container with a washing solution, and after a few minutes it is taken out, wiped with a sponge and washed with running water.

The funds are delivered in plastic barrels with a volume of 50 liters, but smaller packaging is also possible.

Benefits of mold detergents

Here are just a few of the benefits of using these solutions:

  • does not destroy the surface of the mold;
  • cleaning time takes from 3 to 6 minutes;
  • effectively fights any pigment dyes;
  • evaporates quickly from the surface of the mold after wiping;
  • gives an environmentally friendly final decomposition of the constituent components after working out.

Where to buy a mold detergent?

You can buy a proven mold detergent by contacting SroyTechnik. Our employees will tell you about the nuances of its application, name the actual cost of products and send your order anywhere in the country. We offer products that have proven themselves in the market and have thousands of positive customer reviews.

Detergent for molds from StroyTechnik is a time-saver for any cleaning.

Detergent for plastic molds, remover

Detergent for plastic molds, remover

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