CNC milling

CNC milling services are associated with the implementation of a complex and labor-intensive process. It is practically impossible to carry out such actions manually, therefore special equipment is used for their realization. With its help, any materials are cut with absolute precision, or a pattern is applied to them. Since all actions are programmed and measured, there is practically no marriage.

                               CNC milling to order, features and benefits

This type of service can be performed using various materials. These may include:

  • various composite products;
  • PVC plastic or polystyrene;
  • plywood, osb and MDF;
  • as well as various types of wood.

Additionally, there are machines that can work with metals and glass. The presence of modern equipment allows you to get high-quality results in the shortest possible time. The cost of CNC milling has an average price category.

The benefits of this process include:

  • high speed of processing parts;
  • perfect accuracy due to computer control;
  • the possibility of adjusting the angles of inclination for processing edges or internal components of the product;
  • the possibility of creating reliefs and textures of any complexity;
  • during work, carbon deposits do not appear;
  • complete identity of the two manufactured products.

All these advantages play a key role in the process of ordering this kind of service. In this way, existing designs can be produced or completely new motifs can be created.

                                                   Types of milling

CNC milling in Kharkiv can take place in several versions. The choice depends on the preference of the customer.

  1. Synchronous. In this process, work is carried out simultaneously on several products. This becomes possible when using several nozzles on the machine.
  2. Step by step. This is a kind of conveyor, on which each part is processed in turn. This process is great for creating items with the same parameters.
  3. Continuous This option is the fastest. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the blanks are fixed on special pins and simultaneously processed.

This service is suitable for creating interior products, architectural models, creating furniture elements and much more.

Our company "Stroytekhnik" offers its services. You can also buy construction equipment, various additives for concrete and other options for production tools from us.

Services of CNC milling of MDF, wood, plywood, plastic

Services of CNC milling of MDF, wood, plywood, plastic

Size:working part of the table - 3100x2100 mm;Height to frieze - 400 mm.
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