Gloss restorer for forms

Gloss restorer for molds

When PVH, polystyrene and ABS molds are used with an intense load, at some point it is required to bring them into proper condition. Here, a gloss restorer for forms will be indispensable, which allows you to quickly and conveniently return a worn surface to its original shine.

Features of gloss restorer for molds

The reducing agent is made on the basis of silica gels with the addition of fluorinated polymers and is a volatile liquid with a high evaporation rate.

It is applied by spraying and it is recommended to clean the surface from dust, concrete and pigment residues before use. After application, the form should be allowed to dry for 5-10 minutes. If the surface is badly worn, you need to repeat the procedure 2-3 times until the gloss is completely restored. During the operation, avoid getting liquids on clothing and skin.

The reducing agent is supplied in sealed 500 ml containers with a spray. Usually, one bottle is consumed per 10-15 meters of square textured surface.

Advantages of a gloss restorer for molds

Below are the main benefits of gloss for forms:

  • works on any type of surface;
  • the form is ready for use in 15-20 minutes after application;
  • does not require removal after processing;
  • can be used even for heavily worn molds.

It should be noted that when deep cracks and fractures appear in the forms of ABS and PPC, the reducing agent should be used after their rough recovery and overgrowing with acetone or a solvent of type 646.

Where to buy a gloss restorer for molds?

You can make an order and buy a high-quality gloss restorer for forms by contacting StroyTechnik. We supply only proven construction chemicals that have all the necessary certificates and excellent user reviews. Our managers will tell you about the features of using the product, name the actual cost and send it to any city in the country.

Gloss restorer for forms from StroyTechnik is the best construction chemistry at the best prices!

Gloss restorer for ABS and PVC molds

Gloss restorer for ABS and PVC molds

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