Lubricants for plastic molds

The manufacture of concrete products is associated with the accuracy of certain processes. Lack of opportunity to full removal of the concrete block from the mold can seriously hinder the creation of an attractive appearance. To facilitate removal, a paving slab plastic mold lubricant is used.

Tile mold lubrication, and what is it?

Forms for the manufacture of concrete tiles have a different texture and shape. If there is a small pattern, there is a risk the tile will not separate from the mold correctly and the appearance will be damaged. Therefore, to conduct such works, a lubricant is used in the form of paving slabs.

Such a product is supplied in large volumes and has a concentrated structure. This allows you to ensure low consumption of a product for a full production volume By itself, the consistency of this substance has a viscous structure. There are two ways to dilute the concentrate.

  1. Dilute the composition with water in a ratio of 1 to 10. That is, 10 parts of liquid are applied to one part of the lubricant.
  2. Dilute the concentrated substance with diesel fuel. In this case, the ratio of substances remains the same as for water, that is, for 1 part of the concentrate 10 parts of diesel fuel.

The choice of a substance for dilution is selected according to the original composition of the product. In order not to be mistaken with the selection, it is necessary to read the instructions. Also, there are ready-made products on sale that do not need to be diluted. They already ready for use. Such formulations are sold in various volume variations: from 5 to 20 liters.

As a rule, in conjunction with this product, they acquire additives for concrete and solutions.

Features of the lubricant

Before pouring concrete, the mold must be treated with a solution to create a protective layer. At the same time, the emerging of the film retains its qualities perfectly and does not affect the hardening process.

Paving Slab Mold Releaser is suitable for materials such as:

  • fiberglass;
  • metal;
  • laminated forms;
  • copolymer plastic;
  • polypropylene;
  • ABS plastic and much more.

A similar product can be found in the production of decorative road surfaces, in the creation of rings for wells, for the implementation of projects for the creation of garden and park products.

In addition to the possibility of easy withdrawal, the use of such lubricants completely excludes the presence of the following moments:

  • the appearance of dirt on the walls of the form;
  • change in the color of the mold or concrete poured into it;
  • the presence of streaks on the front side of the product;
  • the appearance of dark spots on the texture.

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Grease for paving slabs - Lerosin price for 1 liter 130 UAH

Grease for paving slabs - Lerosin price for 1 liter 130 UAH

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Grease for paving slabs - Gravitan price for 1 liter 100 UAH

Grease for paving slabs - Gravitan price for 1 liter 100 UAH

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Grease for plastic forms K-222 price for 1 liter 46 UAH
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Grease for plastic forms K-222 price for 1 liter 46 UAH

$1.98 $1.72
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