Security policy

The administration of the online store "Budprom" is responsible for the complete security of the confidentiality of data provided to us by registered users. All data that you provide during registration on the site and placing your own order is protected and placed in the information database. We provide complete confidentiality during the execution of the order, plus we guarantee that the information received from the user is used by us only in order to fully fulfill the order. Responsibility for the specified data, in addition to those that are necessary, rests with the buyer himself. Do not indicate on our website information from your personal passport and other documents.

We need personal information and addresses of the buyer so that the manager can contact the customer, and the transport company will deliver the ordered products on time. If you agree to register on our website, you can also receive data related to company news. Thanks to this, you will be able to learn about:

New product.

Special offers.

Promotional offers.

If you have any difficulties or questions about how to register on the website of our store, please let us know by writing an e-mail. In this case, we are always ready to help.

Remember that our store employees do not require you to provide your bank card details and other personal data.

Security, confidential information

We guarantee that any personal data received from you will never be transferred to others. In exceptional cases, we may ask you to register on the site and provide certain personal information. The information provided to us is used by us only in order to process orders or provide the user with access to certain information.

Personal information can be changed by the user, updated or deleted at any time through the "Personal Account" section. In order for the buyer to be able to receive certain information about our online store "Budprom", with his consent, we send the necessary information to the e-mail provided during registration. At any time, registered users have the right to refuse information messages from the online store. To do this, he needs to inform the administration of the company about this, using the "Contact us" section.

Like other stores on the Internet, our company uses cookie technology, thanks to which we are tuned in to work with the user. The lack of this technology does not allow working with a basket where customer orders are placed. The data provided on the store's website is purely informative. They change before the transaction is completed, while the process itself is not agreed with the buyer.

Technical indicators are provided so that the buyer can pre-examine the product before purchasing it. We do not provide technical advice related to the purchased product.