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    100 pcs.
  • Type of equipment:
    manual machine for making LEGO bricks
  • Weight:
    90 Kg
  • Application:
    for production of bricks by the method of semi-dry hyper pressing
  • Condition:
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  • Dimensions:
    length -120 mm;width -400 mm;height -1300 mm;
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Manual machine for the production of LEGO-LEGO bricks
Brick dimensions:
- 250x125x60 mm;
- length - 120 mm;
- width - 400 mm;
- height - 1300 mm;
Weight - 90 kg;
Productivity - 100-300 pcs / hour;
Lego brick is:
- durable;
- heat insulating;
- soundproofing material;
- convenient for laying water pipes and wiring (using holes in the brick)
The brick has a smooth surface and two holes:
- the upper part is convex;
- the lower part is concave;
- when stacked on top of each other, creates an additional coupling.
Lego bricks are made without spinning in the oven.
You can also use different colored concrete pigments to get the desired brick color.
It presses bricks using the hyper-pressing method, which involves pressing an almost dry mixture.

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