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  • Model:
  • Available:
    100 pcs.
  • Application:
    intended for production concrete fence
  • Condition:
  • Size:
    2000x500x40 mm
  • Country of manufacture:
  • Volume:
    32,2 l
  • Mold weight:
    25 кг
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The fiberglass mold is intended for the production
concrete panels of the eurofence.
Dimensions: - 2000x500x40 mm;
Mold weight: - 25 kg;
Condition - new;
Fence Shape Material:
- made of fiberglass and synthetic polymer binder;
- reinforced with a metal frame made of a 20x40 mm pipe profile;
- fiberglass fixed to the frame, 4-5 mm thick;
Form advantages:
- the form is designed for long-term operation from 1000-5000 cycles;
- fiberglass product allows to produce fence panels with an interval of 10-15 minutes;
- after long-term use, the form is restored or acquired a new one;
Disadvantages of the form:
- fiberglass fences are heavy, unlike ABS plastic forms;
- it is not possible to achieve a smooth surface (without pores and roughness),
 A perfectly smooth surface can be obtained from the shape of ABS plastic.
Fiberglass molds are used in the manufacture of concrete fences, poles, pole covers, decor, sidewalk slabs, hemispheres, etc.
* Only the metal frame is recyclable.
   There is no way to dispose of the fiberglass mold without harm

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