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    100 pcs.
  • Application:
    for production of reinforced concrete products of the post eurofence for 3 sections
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  • Size:
    2200x145x155 mm;Groove: -1500x40x40 mm;
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Fiberglass form for concrete pillar in 3 sections
Designed for the production of reinforced concrete products eurofence
Dimensions: - 2200x145x155 mm;
Groove: - 1500x40x40 mm;
Fiberglass thickness: - 4 mm;
Condition: - new;
Method of compacting concrete mixture in the form of: - on vibration platform;
Post mold material:
- made of fiberglass and synthetic polymer binder;
- reinforced with a metal frame made of a 20x40 mm pipe profile;
- fiberglass fixed to the frame.
* additional device limiter - 145x25 mm Price 350 UAH

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