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    100 pcs.
  • Application:
    - for the production of flowerpots and flower beds of landscape architecture;-the outdoor flowerpot is suitable for any yard in the country;- decorate your garden, city parks, courtyards and give your landscape design its zest
  • Condition:
  • Size:
    Height - 500 mm; Length - 700 mm; Width –700 mm
  • Country of manufacture:
  • Mold weight:
    20 Kg
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Fiberglass mold for the production of vases for landscape architecture
Mold material: - fiberglass reinforced with a metal frame
 from a profile pipe;
Casting method: - vibration casting;
Dimensions of the concrete product; Height - 500 mm; Length - 700 mm; Width – 700 mm;
Form size: - 900х750х550 mm;
Mold weight: - 20 kg;
Condition: new;
Manufacturer: - Ukraine;
This vase for small architectural forms is made of Finnish resin,
fiberglass and synthetic polymer binder.
The form is designed for long-term operation, it is matrix for production
Reinforced concrete products of concrete flowerpots and flower beds
Manufacturing method: vibration casting, semi-dry filling
Service life 1000-3000 cycles
For flowerpots and flower beds, dry pigments, powder pigments, plasticizers, release agents, etc. are used.
Bowl vase - will perfectly decorate a personal plot, equip a courtyard with landscape design, an outdoor flowerpot will fit any courtyard in the country and in the private sector, will give a look to your garden, will be an excellent place for planting flowers.
Plants planted in this flower garden avoid the danger of being flooded with water, since the product has a drain to drain excess liquid.
Fiberglass molds are used to make reinforced concrete pots, flower boxes, concrete fences, poles, pole covers, decor, balusters, railings, etc.

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