In order to determine what kind of vibrating table you need, you need to know the dimensions of the moving part of the tabletop and the weight, plus the weight of the mold and concrete.
I recommend using the formula Fc = K (Mt + 0.2M + 0.2B)
where: Fc - the driving force, H;
             Mt - the mass of the vibrating part of the table (including the vibration motor), kg;
             M - the mass of the form, kg;
             B - the mass of concrete in the form, kg;
             K - the coefficient depending on the concrete mix and the stiffness of the form (average value from 20 to 40).

One of the directions of our company is the development and manufacture of master models and models for thermal vacuum molding.

If you are a regular customer, we send the goods by cash on delivery, without prepayment.
If a customer first applies for an advance payment, this is usually the sum of the cost of shipping the order in both directions.

There is a Technology for the manufacture of concrete products. Concrete marble, Granilite.
In our company you can purchase a technology with a full description and technological process, the kit includes a color mixing card.
You can find out the cost from our manager.
The second option for acquiring technology for Marble is the purchase of molds for the amount of UAH 30,000, the technology is included in the purchase price.