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    100 pcs.
  • Packaging:
    25 kg
  • Packaging:
    polypropylene bag
  • Consumption:
    average 1.0% by weight of cement
  • Application:
    in production of concrete products and as an additive for deicing compositions
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Calcium Chloride or Calcium Chloride CLORIAN CHEMICAL PC min 94% is a synthetic hardening accelerator.
Appearance - white granules
Manufacturer - Iran
When using CaCl2, cement consumption is reduced by 10-15%
Average consumption of 1.0% of the mass of cement, increases the temperature of concrete by t = 10 C. It is recommended to add no more than 2%
Calcium chloride is added as a solution in the concrete mixer to the mixing water or aggregates in an amount of one to two percent.
It is used in the production of concrete products, as well as an additive for anti-icing compounds
Accelerates the setting of concrete, foam concrete, cinder blocks, in the production of concrete products, paving slabs and fences

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