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  • Available:
    100 pcs.
  • Packaging:
    1L, 5L
  • Packaging:
    plastic container
  • Consumption:
    1 l for 15-20 sq. M.
  • Application:
    protective agent for concrete products (tiles, fences, monuments) firmly protects against watery, oily, greasy stains
  • Condition:
  • Country of manufacture:
  • Color:
    white, odorless
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Atlas Delfin - gloss and protection for concrete.
Protection against moisture and ultraviolet rays;
Consumption: -1 l for 15-20 square meters;
Packing: - 1 liter and 5 liters in a plastic container;
Color: - white liquids, no smell;
When applied to the surface, it creates the effect of wet concrete with a bright gloss, gloss
Atlas Delfin is used to protect concrete surfaces (tiles, fences, monuments), stone and other surfaces with a porous structure. Protects products covered with it from moisture absorption, oil deposits, grease stains.
ATLAS DELFIN emulsion is frost-resistant, it can be used both inside and outside buildings. It is economical and very easy to use, it gives the products a delicate shine, and the old, matte facings have a fresh look.

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